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COVID-19 Corona Virus Updates

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Nonpharmaceutical Interventions

March 25, 2020 Health officials would like to encourage everyone to avoid information that is not from reliable sources. Many rumors have circulated since Preston County identified our first positive case. We can assure you that any person that tests positive in Preston County will be investigated and all individuals that are identified as contacts of that person will be notified. Individuals that are being tested are placed in quarantine until test results come back. All citizens are encouraged to avoid contact with other people and practice social distancing.

March 25, 2020 Total positive cases in WV are 39, Preston County 1

March 25, 2020 Individual that tested positive in Preston County on 3/24/20 has been investigated, they are under isolation/ treatment at their home and is doing well. Close contacts of the individual have been identified and notified. Investigation has determined that the individual did not contract the virus in Preston County.

March 24, 2020 Preston County first confirmed positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus is reported.

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CDC Updates


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