We understand that there are times when the rules and regulations can be confusing.  To better help you, we are providing the links and resources below.

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All official copies of Bureau for West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Rules should be obtained from the West Virginia Secretary of State. You can download the following Public Health Sanitation Rules from the Secretary of State's website in either WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and PDF formats.

Additionally, some regulations provided by the Preston County Board of Health and other entities will be in PDF format.

​To download the Rules:

  1. Click on the Rule name or number below (skip to #5), or go to the West Virginia Secretary of State's website
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the TITLE and SERIES numbers from the table below.
  3. Click on: BEGIN SEARCH
  4. Click on the Title of the Rule you wish to download.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select either PDF or MS Word format to download.

To view West Virginia Code: Chapter 16 - Public Health go to the 
West Virginia Legislature website

Body Piercing/Tattoo Studios:
64-80 Body Piercing Studio Business
16-38 Tattoo Studio Business

Child Care Centers:
64-21 Child Care Centers

Clean Indoor Air:
PBOH Clean Indoor Air Ordinance

19-20A WV Rabies Vaccination Law

Food Sanitation:
64-17 Food Establishments
2013 FDA Food Code (6MB)

Food Code 2013 Supplement (173KB)
SF-4 Temporary Food Service Guidelines
Farmers Market Farmers Market Vendor Guide

General Sanitation:
64-18 General Sanitation

Manufactured Home Community:
64-40 Manufactured Home Community Regulations

Recreational Water Facilities:
64-16 Recreational Water Facilities

ES-52 Individual and On-Site Sewage Systems (Excerpts)
64-47 Sewage Treatment and Collection System Design Standards
64-09 Sewer Systems, Sewage Treatment Systems, and Sewage Tank Cleaners

64-19 Water Well Regulations
64-46 Water Well Design Standards

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